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ScanSource is proud to distribute Aruba Networks products and offer our value-added services. We are committed to working harder and smarter than any other distributor by equipping you with the tools, training, services and inventory that you need to succeed!

Aruba Networks delivers the best possible mobile experience to the new mobile generation.

Founded in 2002 to liberate businesses from the last wire barriers, Aruba helps businesses engage #GenMobile with exactly what they need, at exactly the right time, no matter what the device or location.

With its Mobility-Defined Networks™, Aruba helps businesses solve some of their biggest mobility challenges and untether possibilities. It automates performance optimization and security actions that used to require IT intervention, so the network engineer can stop being the IT authority and become the IT ally.

Mobility-Defined Networks adds controls with real-time data about users, devices, apps and location. Self-healing and self-optimization functions dramatically reduce helpdesk tickets and protect enterprise data. Software that adds mobility intelligence makes Mobility-Defined Networks amazingly easy to deploy, without changing the existing infrastructure.

With Aruba, businesses can right-size their fixed network infrastructure, save IT time, slash capital and operating costs, and deliver the mobile experience that #GenMobile expects. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Aruba has offices throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific/Japan and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions. Aruba is listed on the NASDAQ and Russell 2000® Index.

Aruba's best-of-breed products are available through all of ScanSource's North American business units, so if you're interested in becoming an Aruba reseller, please complete their Partner Application.

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