Bring the benefits of the cloud down to earth

At ScanSource Catalyst, we understand how Avaya’s Cloud Networking Platform helps simplify deployments so organizations can monitor and protect their networks from any time zone, day or night.

  • icon-ease-managementEase of management
  • icon-limitlessNearly limitless scalability
  • icon-data-privacyData privacy
  • icon-secure-managementSecure management
  • icon-perimeterSecuring the perimeter
  • icon-redundancyRedundancy
  • icon-availabilityHigh availability
  • icon-deploymentZero-touch deployment

Here are some of the ways the Cloud Networking Platform can jump-start your customers’ wireless deployments and administration.

  • Secure their network and data with Avaya’s robust, multi-level capabilities.
  • Simplify user and IoT device access for employee, guest, BYOD, and IoT device onboarding.
  • Make administration easier with fast, zero-touch automatic implementations.
  • Monitor and protect their services.