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  • Avaya Legacy Scopia to Equinox Loyalty Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Legacy Scopia to Equinox Loyalty promotion provides an incremental 17% off APL on Equinox licenses for existing Scopia Elite 5XXX (or earlier) customers migrating to Equinox - plus a 5% off APL incentive on SA. Promotion valid through September 30, 2018....read more
  • Avaya SMB30 Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Effective October 12, 2017, the Avaya SMB30 promotion now provides incremental discounts of 25% off APL on three-year terms, and 35% off APL on five-year terms on IP 500 v2 IPOSS, in addition to 15 - 17% off APL of select solutions for authorized Avaya Partners who are selling the Avaya IP Off...read more
  • Avaya Phone NOW Promotion

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    Utilize Avaya's Phone NOW promotion, and hear the savings ring with this incremental package discount of 4% off APL for all popular Avaya phone handsets—when sold either to installed-base or net-new customers. These handsets include the popular 16XX, 96X1, 14XX, 94XX, B1XX, DEC, E1XX, and H1X...read more
  • New Avaya Aura Promotion

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    The New Avaya Aura package is the mainstream enterprise package targeting greenfield sales or competitive take-out scenarios with incremental discounts between 5 – 12% off APL, depending on segment. Available through September 25, 2018! ...read more
  • Avaya Video NOW Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Avaya Video NOW lets you get your customers up-to-speed on the latest video-conferencing equipment. This promotion gives you an incremental 7 – 9% off APL on all Avaya Scopia video products, when sold either to installed-base or net-new customers. You'll have an opportunity to generate revenu...read more
  • Avaya Q1 2018 Promotion and Package Summary

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Q1 FY18 Promotion and Package summary provides information about all of the current Avaya small and midmarket, networking, enterprise, and application promotions available to Avaya partners through December 2017....read more
  • Avaya Global Demo Purchase Program

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    Avaya is pleased to announce the new Global Demo Purchase Program for Avaya Edge Partners! Take advantage of up to 70% off hardware and 80% off software on predefined packages, with faster approval than ever before! This includes Avaya IP Office, WLAN, Networking, Contact Center, and more. ...read more
  • Avaya Engage NOW Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Avaya Engage NOW lets you modernize your customers' business to Aura Suites Version 2, Core, and Power—cost effectively, and with an entire new set of incentives and discounts from 4 – 12% off APL (depending on the segment). Legacy Avaya Communication Manager and CS1000 customers are sw...read more
  • Avaya Deal Registration

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Deal registration is available for authorized Avaya partners—to help improve negotiating position with new customers and rewards for early engagement in new opportunities. This program provides either an incremental 10% (standalone) or 3% (if stacked with eligible promotion) discount. ...read more
  • Avaya Fast Start (Cloud)

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Fast Start promotion provides incremental discounts of 7 – 47% off APL for select IP Office phones for cloud deployments—to help offset start-up costs and enhance partner profitability for a limited-time enrollment. Three-year contract is required. Available through September...read more
  • Avaya Hybrid Loyalty Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Hybrid Loyalty Offer provides a one-time incentive of half price Avaya IP Office Powered By licenses for customers with investment of a IP500v2 who want to migrate to a IP Office Hybrid Cloud solution. Requires three-year contract and SB approval. Promotion ends September 25, 2018! ...read more
  • Avaya SMB150 Promotion

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya SMB 150 Promotion provides incremental discounts of 9 – 13% off APL on eligible IP Office and add-on solutions for greenfield or upgrade opportunities for 30 – 150 users. Available for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments! Promotion ends September 25, 2018! ...read more