Avaya Authorization Process

Resellers must be authorized to purchase all Avaya Networking products. This means an Avaya Link ID is required. Unrestricted Networking products only require a Link ID. Restricted Networking products require further training and authorizations.

Restricted Networking Products (requires Sales, Design and Implement authorization) Open Networking Products (DOES NOT require authorization but does require valid Link ID)
ERS 8XXX (include Unified Management component) ERS (stackable) 2XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX, 5XXX series
WLAN 8100
VPN Gateway AG 2330 and AG 5XXX
ID Engines
VSP 9000 (includes associated Unified Management component) Network Management (COM)
Secure Router
VSP 7000 (includes associated Unified Management component)

To obtain a Link ID:

  • Resellers must fill out the Avaya application located at http://avaya.force.com/PartnerRegistrationForm.
  • Resellers will receive an email after submitting the application that will include an Application ID, which can be used as a temporary Avaya Link ID for up to 28 days.  This will allow purchases to made for the Open Networking products until they are approved and receive a Link ID.
  • Once the approval process is complete, new partners will receive a welcome email from Avaya with the permanent Link ID.

For additional information, contact a ScanSource Catalyst sales rep at 800.790.2029.