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Networking Products

Avaya Networking Through ScanSource Catalyst: Network Superiority

Many of the world's top banks, airlines, healthcare providers, educational institutions, government agencies, and major corporations depend on Avaya networks to help run their businesses. That's because Avaya Networking provides advanced enterprise-class reliability, performance, and security. Avaya networks are streamlined to better utilize and manage networking resources, and to deliver mission-critical dependability with superior return on investment.

Ethernet Switching: Avaya Ethernet Switches offer a range of Core and Access Switches for entry-level Branch Office through premium high-performance Wiring Closet, to Campus Core and Data Center applications.

Wireless Networking: Avaya Wireless LAN 8100 Series combines the latest 802.11n wireless standard with a new and truly unified wireless/wired architecture that delivers wired performance to wireless users at a lower total cost.

Branch Routers: Avaya Branch Routers help you reduce the complexity of multi-location networks by integrating your enterprise branch communications.

Access Control: Access Control products from Avaya provide end-to-end integrated security and are deployable into virtually any existing environment. These products offer health scans that are integrated into LAN, WLAN, and VPN infrastructures.

Network Management: Avaya Network Management is an integrated set of centralized management tools that enable administrators to oversee, troubleshoot and configure their entire network. 


Avaya Identity Engines

Avaya's Identity Engines Portfolio Key Points
rom Jim Sevier on Vimeo.

Avaya ERS 3500 Series


Case Studies

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Data Sheets

WLAN 8100

WLAN Access Point 8120

WLAN Controller 8180

ERS 3500 Series

ERS 4800 Series
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  • Avaya Identity Engine

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Simplifies access complexity by tying network admission to user identities and helping to protect your network assets Truly unifies wired and wireless access and is truly vendor agnostic Provides guest access in less than 10 seconds Fast and easy to install Federates i...read more
  • Avaya ERS 3500 Series

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series is a cost-effective family of stackable and standalone Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switching products perfectly suited to the unique requirements of mid-market, SME, and small offices. A low-cost, feature-rich solution, the Avaya ERS 3500 series...read more
  • VSP 7000 Series

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Avaya Virtual Services Platform 7000 offers a high-performance switch targeted at the data center top-of-rack (ToR) requirement, integrating with aggregation switch and/or core switch deployments.  The media-dependent adapter slot and integrated high-speed fabric interconnect ports offer ...read more
  • VSP 9000 Series

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Virtual Services Platform 9000 (VSP 9000) is a next-generation solution for mission-critical Data Centers and large Campus Core applications. The VSP 9000 is built upon proven Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 software, incorporates a fully programmable network processor unit that combines both high...read more
  • Secure Router 2330

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Secure Router 2330 provides IP routing, voice gateway and security services in a cost-effective modular platform. The Secure Router 2330 also supports a survivable SIP gateway interoperable with Avaya Aura and Avaya IP phones making an ideal converged branch solution. By bringing together routi...read more
  • Secure Router 4134

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya Secure Router 4134 is a modular, multi-service platform that integrates multiple network functions, including routing, WAN, Ethernet switching, voice media gateway and security into a single device. It also features an embedded server module that can host applications and converged servic...read more
  • wlan9122oap

    WLAN 9100 Series Outdoor Access Points

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Built to withstand harsh outdoor weather and even the most grueling of environmental conditions, the Avaya WLAN 9100 Outdoor Access Point Series lets you extend mission-critical wireless coverage outdoors! These dual radio, 802.11n access points come with two lightning-protected RP-TNC style connec...read more

    Avaya Cloud Networking Platform

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Organizations are looking for ways to maximize their resources. What better way than by spending less time maintaining networks, by shifting IT spending to the cloud? Be it wired or wireless, Avaya's  Cloud Networking Platform helps simplify deployments, allowing organizations to easily monit...read more

    Avaya WLAN Orchestration System

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The Avaya WLAN Orchestration System (WOS) is a wireless network management platform that provides full monitoring and management of the Avaya WLAN 9100 Series network via a web based application with graphical map views. WOS scales from small to large networks and from one location to multiple loca...read more
  • wlan9132ap

    WLAN 9100 Series Indoor Access Points

    ScanSource Catalyst
    Designed for ease of deployment, the Avaya WLAN 9100 Series indoor Access Points with integrated controllers are ideal for office environments, classrooms, hotel rooms, and other environments with low to medium density user needs. The WLAN 9100 Series indoor APs deliver superior flexibility and per...read more
  • 8000---8284XSQ---Front-Right---Hi-Res

    Avaya VSP 8000 Series

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The VSP 8000 series is Avaya’s revolutionary core switching solution for mid-market and medium-sized networks.  It implements a new concept in data networking, the compact form-factor (CFF) ethernet switch. The CFF concept seeks to address the needs of businesses that range from the mid-...read more
  • Avaya ERS 4000 Series

    ScanSource Catalyst
    The ERS 4000 series features high-performance stackable chassis technology that is ideally suited for Enterprise wiring closet and other network edge deployments. It can handle up to five times more traffic, consumes up to 50 percent less energy, and provides a total cost of ownership that is up to...read more