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The Challenge: Healthcare providers are being stretched to their limits, trying to improve the quality of care with fewer resources. Doctors, nurses, and specialists are being pushed to care for more patients in a shorter time frame and work across multiple locations, while caring for increasingly demanding patient expectations and security protocols.

The Solution: ScanSource’s Smart Clinic solution helps to protect valuable patient data—bringing excellent collaboration to the care continuum. Tele-medicine is easier and safer than ever before, and patient experiences are vastly improved. Providers no longer need to use their personal, unsecured devices while on the go. Smart Clinic allows communication from anywhere, with any one, and on any device. It provides HIPAA compliant security, without interfering with day-to-day activities.

How It Works:

  • Avaya IP Office at the core offers reliable collaboration paths and proven workflows
  • Avaya Fabric Networking ensures network optimization of mission-critical communications
  • Avaya Scopia allows for secure video collaboration across the care team and with patients
  • Spectralink PIVOT leads the industry in protecting patient data and meeting HIPAA compliance
  • Axis Network Cameras adds real-time, HD-quality video quality to ensure clinic safety
  • Jabra Headsets enable mobility with best-of-breed audio quality and comfort
  • CI (formerly Computer Instruments) offers custom interactive voice response (IVR) solutions including appointment reminders, lab results, automated refill services, and more
  • Brand 360⁰ Campaign materials to help you get a jump-start on marketing the solution

Demo Smart Clinic Today: Contact us to learn more about our FREE 30-day Smart Clinic Experience Kit, which comes with everything you need to demo key Smart Clinic features with your existing customers and prospects. Email or call 800.944.2432 to get started!