Avaya Videoconferencing

The Value of Video

You can't ignore it any longer - now is the time to add video collaboration technology to your portfolio!  More and more businesses are realizing the value of video that extends far beyond just saving on travel expenses - improved productivity and focus, enhanced relationships and customer image and business continuity just to name a few.

Your customers need video whether they realize it or not and it's your job to help guide them in that direction.  Below are a few tools to assist you in getting the conversation started!

Beginners Guide to Video
Video Solutions in the Enterprise
The Rise of Mobility in SMEs

Award-Winning Avaya Video

As a global leader in videoconferencing systems, Avaya offers a broad range of high-definition, low-bandwidth video solutions that are cost effective and accessible for all users across the enterprise.

Delivering open, standards-based multi-vendor solutions that interoperate with your customers' existing systems, Avaya provides high-quality audio and video, content sharing, and easy functionality across all meeting rooms, desktops and mobile devices.

Check out the industry buzz around Avaya and why they are leading the path in video innovation and quality!