Digital and Analog VoIP Gateways

Fuel higher employee performance, simplify deployment and increase scalability. Maximize ROI with best-in-security technology for your customers’ network and assets. Invest in top rack voice communication with ScanSource Catalyst’s catalog of IP telephony gateways. 

Our thoughtful catalog supplies resellers with leading digital and analog gateways that promote less-congested VoIP activity and reductions in voice traffic queuing. ScanSource Catalyst assists resellers with choosing correct gateways, properly installing VoIP gateway hardware and educating staff through training sessions.   

The Most Trusted Brands in IP Telephony Gateways

Our diverse selection of VoIP gateways supply businesses with all-in-one digital and analog solutions via:

  • Voice prioritization features that work to preserve voice communication qualities through 802.11 access points    
  • Built-in log and audit trails that monitor compliance and potential system abuse
  • Dynamic access control benefits that tag network devices with appropriate security levels  
  • Versatile compatibility with traditional and emerging IP telephony applications
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  • Bogen VoIP Gateways

    Businesses can be set up for simultaneous company-wide overhead paging to multiple locations within a facility or across a campus without running new lines, or even to remote locations thousands of m

    Valcom Gateways

    Valcom Gateways

    Mitel Gateways

    The Mitel Border Gateways are carrier-grade products that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructures using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to rapidly scale capacity and adapt to new deploy

  • Spectralink 6000 OAI Gateway

    Spectralink 6000 OAI Gateway

    Spectralink 80-Series Telephony Gateway

    For legacy PBXs, a Spectralink 80-SeriesTelephony Gateway (previously known as Spectralink 8000 Telephony Gateway) converts the IP traffic from the wireless telephones to digital or analog signals, w

    Spectralink 84-Series and PIVOT Telephony Gateway

    Spectralink 84-Series and PIVOT Telephony Gateway