What’s the advantEDGE for you?

Whether you can benefit from all the solutions we offer—or only need help in one specific area of your business—advantEDGE, our scalable suite of solutions, is specifically designed to help eliminate costs in five areas of your business: order process, logistics, warehouse, deployment, and reverse logistics.

advantEDGE Portal

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Automate Your Order Process
  • Order Process

  • Logistics

  • Warehouse

  • Deployment

  • Reverse Logistics

    • Order Process: Take advantEDGE and Increase Your Cash Flow

      Tailored XML solutions that offer real-time pricing and data processing. Flexible financing options to expand your purchasing power. Online ordering and no minimum quantities. ScanSource has the collaborative expertise to grow your business. What are you waiting for?

      • Leasing/flooring –Let us help find the best flexible financing option to manage your cash flow, based on your business model.
      • API – Access a full suite of APIs that tie directly between fulfillment systems to get real-time pricing and the ability to create and pull order data immediately. The API teams are willing to sandbox and work with you to make sure connectivity is not an issue, and are constantly evolving to achieve industry standards.
      • eCommerce – You don’t have to pick up the phone to place an order. The process is all online—real-time, and at the push of a button. Our eCommerce site accepts orders, routes them through the proper payment method, and pushes them out to the warehouse.
      • Reseller Financial Services – Optimized cash flow. Bigger opportunities. And a partner that will expand your purchasing power. Reseller Financial Services (RFS) is more than a menu of financial options. We’re your partner. We help you create the flexibility you need to grow your business.
    • Logistics: Take advantEDGE of Our Investments for Your Business

      Logistics is ScanSource’s #1 area of expertise. We guarantee your order is going out with the right product, on time, to the correct partner with the best possible shipping rates. We do it all for you!

      • Traffic management – Let us negotiate, broker, schedule, and arrange pick up or drop off for truck shipments. We can even help get your product to its destination—and we’re responsible if something happens to it.
      • Freight management – We work with the carriers to have the best shipping rates in the industry, so you don’t have to work with carriers to negotiate rates.
      • Shipping accuracy – Our shipping accuracy rate is 99.88%. We can guarantee that the orders we ship go out with the right product, on time, and to the correct end user.
    • Warehouse: Take advantEDGE and Reduce Your Overhead

      Want to save on the cost related to running a warehouse? Let ScanSource help! By utilizing our 600,000-square-foot warehouse, you don’t have to worry about the overhead associated with carrying inventory on your books, or keeping your warehouse in production.

      • Warehouse management – We do this for you, so you don’t have to pay for warehouse space, air conditioning, rack space, employees, etc.—all of the costs associated with running a warehouse.
      • Inventory management – ScanSource carries the cost of your inventory, so you don’t have to worry about inventory overhead in your warehouse. We are your warehouse.
      • Lost/damaged item management – If a package gets lost and it was shipped on our account, we’ll ship you a new phone, file the claim with the carrier, and more. The risk is absorbed by ScanSource, and we’re responsible for the cost—not you.
    • Deployment: Take advantEDGE and Drive Deployment Costs Out

      Your resources are valuable. Partnering with ScanSource can help eliminate the deployment costs from your business, allowing you to offer branding and provisioning services without carrying the costs on your books. We have products on hand when you need them, and how you need them.

      • Endpoint provisioning – Our Custom Configuration Center (CCC) provisions phones based on the provisioning profile your customers establish. Utilizing the provisioning service also eliminates delivered phones being DOA. The phones, product branding, and provisioning all come from one place, and are delivered to your end user for out-of-the-box deployment.
      • advantEDGE Portal – ScanSource’s advantEDGE Portal helps streamline your order process though our convenient online ordering system and ability to create and manage IP phone provisioning profiles—removing complexity from, and improving efficiency for, your business.
      • Product branding – In the CCC, we can label the phone’s box with the extension, or with the name of the individual the phone will go to. We can insert your branded documents—like welcome letters, quick start guides, phone features, and more. You supply us with the document, or you can use our marketing services to help create one. We can even put sleeves with your branding on the outside of the box.
      • Drop shipping to end user – We can ship to the end user straight from our facility. And we blind ship, so end users will not know where the shipment is coming from. You don’t have to roll even one of your trucks, go on-site to deliver, or incur additional freight costs by bringing shipments into your warehouse first, and then shipping them back out.
    • Reverse Logistics: Take advantEDGE and Optimize Your Customer Relations

      Product returns are inevitable. Elevate your recovery process, improve profitability, and reduce inventory by taking advantEDGE of ScanSource’s reverse logistics programs. Your customers will thank you.

      • Return inventory management – Your customers may return a product because they no longer want the service associated with it. Instead of throwing phones away or having them pile up in a closet somewhere, let us take those phones back for you, clean them up, and put them in your “b-stock.” Next time you get an order you can ship that phone, rather than shipping a brand new one.
      • Buyback Program – Our Total Coverage Buyback Program helps you recover some of the cost associated with the initial purchase of the phone. By using Network Value, through ScanSource, you can recoup some of the initial cost of the phone, based on the fair market price.

For more information, please contact Jeff Vielstich at 480.403.8526 or jeff.vielstich@scansource.com.