The Catalyst Services Team

The Catalyst Services Team is here to help you with all your Avaya Global Services needs. Our team is committed to helping you obtain maintenance and implementation services from Avaya, allowing you more time to devote to your business. We can provide you with maintenance quotes and channel-service agreements for any Avaya configurationwhether it's for a new customer installation, an upgrade or add-on to an existing contract, or simply renewing a contract nearing expiration. We can also provide you with an Avaya professional services and implementation quote, and then help you engage Avaya to perform the required work to complete the installation.

Avaya Global Services end-to-end capabilities can help guide you through the process from solution design considerations, to the critical deployment and integration phase, and ongoing after installation to ensure that your solution is optimized. Avaya's portfolio is flexible, allowing you to decide where we can help supplement your internal strengths.

Avaya provides a range of services to help customers manage through the complexities introduced by converged communications. These various service offers play across all phases associated with introducing new communications technologies into your business.


Count on Catalyst to help you with any Avaya Global Services offer:
  • Unique and proprietary Catalyst tools that make quoting easier
  • In-depth knowledge to help you navigate the AGS process
  • One-stop shop for hardware, software and services
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate your rejection rate
  • Free up resources, reducing infrastructure costs
  • Instantly multiply the number of experienced people that process your contracts
  • Faster processing of maintenance and implementation means faster receipt of commissions
  • Solid partnership with all Avaya resources to make services processing smooth

Catalyst is an advocate for you.

Customer Testimonial

"Having a consolidated team, at the distribution level, leaves me with a more focused set of individuals who understand the entire spectrum of any given deal. From complex system designs, to developing the most arduous Channel Services Agreement, and straight through to the implementation services documentation and procurement, the Catalyst Avaya Global Services Group works with us on every aspect of our deals. They know what it takes to help our business bring Avaya’s services to market!”
Christopher Siragusa  Allied