Taking your business to new heights

Don’t let your customers get weighed down with all the cloud offerings out there. Instead, offer them a single cloud solution that's flexible enough to adapt to their needs.

Avaya’s Collaborative Cloud framework delivers on this promise, with a lineup of cloud-based offerings (UCaaS, CCaaS, VaaS) in three consumption models: private, public, and hybrid cloud. Let’s find the right cloud solution for your customers today!

Finding the right fit for your customers

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    Cloud for Enterprises

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    Cloud for Midsize Businesses

Avaya IX Meetings

Experience truly converged audio, video, and web collaboration in the cloud Avaya IX Meetings provides a significant opportunity for authorized Avaya business partners to sell feature-rich audio, video, and web collaboration at either a low monthly fee (subscription) or through a pre-paid annual co ...... Learn more »

Avaya Spaces

Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based, team-collaboration and meeting application that brings your team together like never before. Avaya Spaces is simple and effective at managing tasks, tracking communications, and much more. This is a cloud-based app, so no need to be tied to the office to use this prog ...... Learn more »