Get the new Avaya Cloud Office WinKit today!

    The Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral WinKit Playbook provides Avaya partners with a full demand-generation campaign, including premium assets, email, web, and social campaigns to drive leads to those premium assets. It’s designed to start conversations with potential customers and existing leads alike, answering common questions and introducing a solution that solves common business problems.


    The WinKit contains the following assets:

  • Playbook: your guide to this campaign
  • A one-page quick-start WinKit for reference
  • Three complete email touch points with an email template, landing page copy, and a premium asset for each touch point: a video, an infographic and a fact sheet
  • A telequalification script
  • An image pack to use on landing pages, social posts, and emails
  • A sales cheat sheet
  • An infographic