Take the guest experience to a whole new level with Avaya's new smart devices!

Are your customers looking for a way to personalize their hospitality phones for a better and more unique experience? Introducing Avaya's new H-Series smart devices that are easy to customize—with features like graphic-enhanced welcome messages, one-touch access to hotel services, web interface for remote personalization, and more. These IP devices are perfect for use in hotel bathrooms, business halls, hotel rooms, and other designated areas—offering a top-notch experience wherever guests are in the hotel. And ScanSource has brought all three H-Series devices together in one consolidated demo kit that you can borrow for 30 days, to:
  • Test before you buy
  • Reduce demonstration costs
  • Demo at end-prospect locations (carry-on ready)
  • Display at events
  • Perform hands-on sales trainings and more

Our Hospitality Experience Kits feature the following models:
H229 designed for bathrooms and halls; H239 and H249 designed for hotel rooms. PoE and power supplies not included. Devices pre-register with test accounts.

Want to learn more about our FREE, 30-day Endpoint Experience Kit, which comes with everything you need to demo key features with your existing customers and prospects? Email avaya@scansource.com or call 800.944.2432. Or, if you're ready, simply fill out our demo loaner application below: