We all need healthcare. We may want to think otherwise, but being healthy and having healthcare resources and facilities available to care for our population are crucial. From hospitals and pharmacies to urgent and remote care, healthcare-industry members are providing vital goods and services needed to promote health and longevity. As population increases, so does the demand for more efficient, cost-effective care. Likewise, demand for innovative, flexible ways to take advantage of the healthcare system also is expanding. predicts healthcare will be a dominant vertical in voice applications in 2019. Likewise, it also predicts 15 percent of global healthcare spending will connect to a value-based model. Blockchain will move from hype to real commercial implementations generating ROI. Analytics will shift from big data to meaningful small data. Finally, Forbes predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare IT applications will surpass $1.7 billion. The healthcare industry is at the leading edge of the digital transformation frontier, and Avaya is at the front of the pack when it comes to developing innovative technological advances poised to address these coming changes.

At Avaya, smart healthcare is a way of life. From mobile communications to message automation, Avaya has the solutions your partners need to tackle the future. Check out two amazing videos demoing and highlighting a few of Avaya’s advanced, customer-centric solutions for the healthcare marketplace.