Current Market Info

With global health spending projected to reach $18.28 trillion by 2040*, healthcare organizations are looking beyond traditional care-delivery models and utilizing health IT solutions and technologies to improve quality and value while reducing costs. Avaya understands what the future holds, and wants to be at the front of the pack with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

To provide outcome-based solutions for the healthcare industry’s future technological requirements, Avaya has focused initial efforts on three key areas. These areas are the most pressing and are soon to be the singular focus of the entire healthcare space.

Avaya solutions in these three areas can enable hospitals and medical professionals to better coordinate resources and improve efficiencies, allowing for enhanced patient care. With Avaya integrated into healthcare systems, data can be stored, viewed, and analyzed in real time, improving patient access to information and providing more specific services as needed. How much more efficiency would healthcare providers gain by connecting the right resources to the right person at the right time? How much better would healthcare be if nurses, doctors, and emergency services could communicate instantly, anywhere and anytime, with each other and patients?

The best part of the Avaya solutions is that they fit anywhere. What better way to plan for the future of evolving patient needs and almost daily advances in technology than by engaging and integrating with Avaya?

*National spending on health by source for 184 countries between 2013 and 2040. Lancet. Volume 387, No. 10037, 2016