Products and Promotions

Avaya takes healthcare to a completely new level. With collaboration and customer engagement at the front of the line in healthcare, Avaya’s solutions can provide doctors, nurses, and patients a single app for calling, messaging, and creating voice and video conferences—all based on the same platform and communications strategy.

Avaya’s product portfolio addresses all the hardware and communication needs of an enterprise. With these products, you’ll be ready to create omnichannel, customer-facing solutions for the modern healthcare sector. Products and services include:

In addition, Avaya wants you to be successful. To help your business thrive, Avaya offers promotions and special partner pricing to help you maintain a competitive edge and win more opportunities. Just watch this great video about Avaya Equinox® to see how evolved your solution could be, then check out the promotions link to the left. Think Healthcare, Think Avaya.

Communications-Centered Solutions

When it comes to digital transformation and an industry needing to move into the future at an accelerated rate, look no further than healthcare. Today, hospitals struggle to communicate. According to Avaya, the average hospital loses $4 million a year due to poor communications. Likewise, poor comm ...... Learn more »

Enterprise Products

Avaya knows enterprise, and Avaya knows healthcare. Did you know that more than 90 percent of the Fortune 100 companies are Avaya customers? That's an important number when we talk about enterprise sales and Avaya’s experience in the industry. Likewise, did you know Avaya is in 12 of the top- ...... Learn more »

Avaya Promotions

To help your organization move in the right digital direction, Avaya has created some specific product and service bundles for Avaya Aura® and Avaya Breeze™ that you and your company may be interested in purchasing. Though Avaya has many other promotions, these are the most beneficial to ...... Learn more »