The Jabra SPEAK Series. Conference calls made simple. Collaboration made easy.

Collaborate the easy way and connect conference calls in seconds with the Jabra SPEAK Series. Intuitive speakerphones that connect via USB and/or Bluetooth with crystal clear sound - meaning no repetition or interruptions, and calls start on time. All the conference call capabilities without the complexity. Collaboration made easy with the Jabra SPEAK Series.

Jabra SPEAK 410

The Jabra SPEAK 410 is the personal, portable, easy-to-use telecom/conference speakerphone with simple USB connection connectivity, for efficient/productive meetings whenever and wherever you need them. Just plug in and make that call. Comes with a protective neoprene pouch - to keep it scratch free, and for traveling.

Jabra SPEAK 510 and 510+*

The Jabra SPEAK 510 is the personal, easy-to-use conference call speakerphone with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity/connection - whichever is easiest for you - for efficient and productive conference calls whenever and wherever you want. With an additional/optional USB dongle* that gives you wireless freedom up to 100m, so you can multitask or move your call to a more private space, if needed.  Comes with a protective neoprene pouch, to protect it while travelling.

Jabra SPEAK 810

The Jabra SPEAK 810 is the professional, truly intuitive, UC compatible telecom/conference call speakerphone. Connect in fewer than 30 seconds via either USB, Bluetooth (NFC/MFI), 3.5mm jack cable for smartphone or tablet connectivity. ZoomTalk microphones offer crystal clear clarity of sound, detecting the human voice only, and cutting out any other noise. This also removes the need for traditional satellite microphones around the meeting room table.  All the conference call capabilities without the complexity.