Jabra Advantage On Demand

A true financial services model that can include EVERYTHING your customer needs, including:
  • Jabra audio devices
  • Jabra's 360 services for pre- and post-sale support, training
  • Jabra's Xpress enterprise deployment and device management solutions
  • Non-tangible assets
  • Software and services supplied by you, the reseller

Jabra handles the financing for the entire opportunity.

You, the reseller, are paid in full within 48 hours of your customer's application being approved.

Customer is billed per seat on a monthly basis, with 12 or 24 terms, with monthly or quarterly payment options.

OPEX versus CAPEX model provides flexibility to pay-as-you-go, and avoid large capital expenses.

Upgrade, refresh, or replace at end of term

Learn more at http://www.jabra.com/campaigns/jabra-advantage