Call Analysis is a tool for complete collection and analysis of multivendor Call Detail Records (CDR). The tool essentially can understand the technology that produces those call records. Call Analysis collects data from multiple sources CDR in order to apply an actual and most worthwhile cost to each record, to deliver comprehensive reporting and efficient analysis that will determine the most cost-effective measures to route calls and save money.

  • Key features
    • Customized reporting based on various data sources allows each user to have access to information based on their specific needs.
    • Call Analysis flows calls from end-to-end, crossing over multiple platforms, which strengthens troubleshooting and resolution of call flow.
    • Multi-vendor ecosystems are simplified through a better understanding and analysis of call usage and costs through the multidimensional cost detail provided with Universal CDR.
    • Calls crossing multiple platforms and regions can offer deeper insight in areas where troubleshooting flows faster due to Call Stitching. 
    • The Call Analysis uses a Rating Engine as the centralized management of all carrier rates while including details specific to each carrier (such as billing intervals or set up charges). This engine makes organizations capable of verifying carrier bills and rate data for further analysis.
    • Nectar has a Vendor Knowledge Module that adds important data to the CDR enabling multiple records to be traced back to a single call.
  • Key benefits
    • Scalability ensures the rating engine and data warehouse performance operate seamlessly and prepare for future growth.
    • Cost saving is seen through the carrier grade rating engines ability to allow businesses to effectively rate and rerate calls for detailed analysis and call reporting.
    • Businesses can maintain regulatory compliance by having customizable rules that specify how long data is to be retained along with user permissions that comply with industry and government data retention and regulation.
    • Third parties are integrated with this through authentication and authorization platforms to ensure secure sign-in and audit trails. 

With today's business-culture generation of mass amounts of call data in daily customer, partner, and vendor communications, it can be costly and time-consuming. Call Analysis is designed to understand the true technology that produces those call records by collecting and analyzing multi-vendor Call Detail Records, which determines the most cost-effective way for businesses to route calls and save money.