Real-Time Dynamic QoS Orchestration UC Network Environments

Nectar has developed the software, Evolution, to monitor, manage, and diagnose multi-vendor unified communications (UC) environments. Evolution improves end-user Quality of Service (QoS) for Cisco UC and UC multi-vendor platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business. It is the first UC software product to deliver unified QoS automation and verification for Cisco infrastructures. It can set policies or remove endpoint policies for users who register or in-register with Cisco or Skype for Business. This is completed through Evolution's policy engine that works with Cisco's Application Policy Infrastructure Controller-Enterprise Module (APIC-EM). This module then allows the network to apply the Q-S policy to a wired switch or non-wired point.

  • Benefits of Nectar Evolution
    • Registered UC users are given great QoS through the automation of previously manually performed practices.
    • The cost of ownership is reduced when automated QoS is applied when registered users enter or leave the UC environment.
    • On-going changes to QoS are eliminated with this automated real-time platform and registered users are assigned the proper QoS. This improves the user experience and the overall UC environment efficiency.
    • Evolution utilizes a UC Device Agnostic Configuration meaning that, with the Cisco APIC-EM, users are guaranteed that they will receive the right QoS treatment regardless of their UC device.

With Nectar Evolution, real-time QoS Provisioning and Security is given, which automatically configures the QoS policies for any new or existing endpoints and network devices.