Easy-to-Deploy, Synthetic Testing Capabilities

Perspective is a service network-assessment tool Nectar created to be a synthetic, traffic-generation engine enabling partners to measure the performance of video and voice sessions over integrated platforms. This helps companies generate an accurate display of the unified communications (UC) traffic of their networks, thus giving an advantage when evaluating network pre-assessments, voice and video troubleshooting, and identifying problems in real-time. Perspective allows quality of service (QoS) monitoring from different locations within a company's UC environment, resulting in consistent quality levels based on the QoS for the company's corporate structure.

Key features of Perspective:

  • Robust Reporting
    • Standardized reporting features and analytics show the results of the synthetic call testing.
  • Synthetic Testing Capabilities
    • Some of these testing options include a stress test that increases voice sessions to determine when or if the quality level begins to weaken, a QoS test that continuously provides alerts when a QoS threshold is breached, alarms for changes in route path and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP), and tests that verify that the different codecs are properly functioning.
  • Cloud-Enabled for Remote Offices
    • Real-time communications and issues can be monitored and resolved for remote workers through the deployment of Perspective in the cloud.
  • Simulates a True Voice Experience
    • Perspective generates an alarm when advanced QoS packet marking technology identifies issues such as missing or improper QoS network settings, network bandwidth and voice quality problems, and network path changes.
  • Call Scheduling Anytime
    • Schedule simulated calls by date or anytime 24/7.
  • Supports Multiple Codecs
    • Codecs used in conferencing, media streaming, and application editing are supported. Some examples include: G711, G729, and G722.
  • Works within Distributed, Multi-Vendor Environments    
    • User experience is protected and optimized through the insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues, regardless of the various potential vendor or technology platforms that could be functioning under the same network.

Perspective's ability to assess networks and measure performance and quality is what gives customers peace of mind when aiming to be cost effective and efficient.