Health and Performance Monitoring and Management

Nectar's Unified Communication Foundation (UCF) is a software designed to improve service delivery across integrated solutions (voice, data, video, and application) through monitoring performance and management across a multi-vendor network. The combination of real-time, customizable dashboard views, customer notifications, and alarm and performance data is what makes this approach successful. UCF administers complete troubleshooting across the entire UC ecosystem by integrating resource knowledge, capacity monitoring, and reporting and analytics, in order to measure enhanced performance.

Key Features of UCF:

  • Application-Specific Knowledge Library
    • Management and monitoring software that interprets alarms and details critical functions of the business to IT.
    • Data collection is both live and historical in order to help an enterprise customer's UC network run within minutes rather than days or weeks.
  • Dependency Trees
    • These show visual representations of all of the components, services, and integration necessary to deliver information to enterprise customers by displaying what is and isn't working and who is affected by these functions.
    • Any broken link in the chain is identified and displayed to efforts of resolution can be acted on immediately.
  • Dashboards
    • Network performance and updates are tracked with real-time information.
    • Dashboards are customizable to suit various kinds of users and their needs.
  • Robust Reporting and Advanced Analytics
    • These provide in-depth historical reports that display device performance and trends in resource utilization.

Key Benefits of UCF

  • Auto/Active Discovery
  • Detailed Inventory
  • System Dependency Hierarchy
  • Phone Quality of Service
  • Performance and Capacity
  • Dashboard Views

Nectar's UC Foundation module allows businesses to integrate new software and services for any vendor, while helping to reduce operational costs and maximize a company's total cost of ownership.