PIVOT™ Voiceover Wi-Fi Handsets by Spectralink (87-Series)

Communication is vital in all industries in order for business to succeed, from healthcare to manufacturing to retail. Using a durable device — with crystal-clear voice quality that combines with features like barcode scanning that allows workers to be more efficient — improves the bottom line for a company and the satisfaction of customers.

The Spectralink PIVOT mobile in-building wireless communication device is a voiceover Wi-Fi handset solution that businesses around the globe value for its reliability, speed, user-friendliness, and high-quality design. With PIVOT, companies can streamline their processes and improve operations.

Especially for businesses that use or need point-of-sale assistance, PIVOT is our ideal solution. PIVOT uses the Android operating system, allowing for easy access to other applications and resources. Spectralink is regarded as a top manufacturer of wireless handsets because of the convenient design and robust capabilities it offers, which can immediately improve business for your clients.

See how PIVOT transforms enterprise mobility by unifying communications and work flows.

Features of PIVOT

Mobile devices and other handsets may break easily, have features that never work right, or may not have all the options needed to perform operations smoothly. Instead of your clients having to juggle multiple devices or constantly replace what they're using — which costs not only money, but time in replacement and training — PIVOT by Spectralink is reliable and durable, allowing enterprises to have everything they need, right at their fingertips.

Some of the ways PIVOT wireless handsets stand out include:

  • Voice Quality Optimization (VDQ). Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization, or Spectralink VQO, provides our best voice quality in any environment, from noisy industrial plants to busy hospitals. Every second of business communication is precious, which is why with Spectralink VQO, your clients will never experience dropped conversations or hard-to-hear statements that waste time and cause frustration. Every word and important business communication comes through clearly.
  • Voice and text capabilities, plus other alerts. Those who use PIVOT can immediately get in touch with co-workers via any communication channel they want. PIVOT users never have to worry about delays or missed communications. PIVOT guarantees important messages are sent and received.
  • Integrated business applications. Businesses have access to the Android and XML solutions they work with regularly, so they can continue to collaborate using the tools they know and have mastered, including email, calendar, and contacts displays. This allows the entire company to continue to work efficiently as one entity, without the creation of silos or the need for extended training.
  • Smartphone-like interface. PIVOT's design is clean and simple, just like your customers' favorite smartphones, but the wireless handsets offer so much more. From a comfortable ergonomic grip and optional barcode scanner integration, to extreme resistance to elements those you work with encounter, PIVOT wireless devices are ones your clients can depend on far beyond the lifetime of consumer devices.

Spectralink PIVOT features a Call Server Integration program to ensure interoperability with your clients' telephone systems, to keep all aspects of a business working together. PIVOT provides benefits to industries including:

  • Healthcare: Across large healthcare systems, patients are able to quickly get the care they need, while providers are able to manage inventory and tasks to maximize efficiency. Noisy, intrusive, and stressful paging is eliminated, and healthcare staff can communicate via the channel that works best for them to decrease stress and improve their actions.
  • Retail: From the warehouse to the store, PIVOT helps every single component of a retail enterprise to work together seamlessly, so customers are more satisfied and employees throughout can do their jobs better. The PIVOT handset devices ensure retail outlets always know how much is in stock, and checkouts can happen anywhere, any time.
  • Manufacturing: Throughout creation to fulfillment, PIVOT wireless handsets allow businesses to improve their warehouse and shipping systems, and save time and labor because communication is improved. Those who are waiting to receive goods receive better service, while everything from the assembly line to the packaging departments improves speed and precision.

If you currently have clients whose voiceover Wi-Fi handsets could be improved upon, or you work with clients who need a streamlined solution, Spectralink PIVOT delivers.

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