Discover a unified world.

Unify is a global communications software and services company. Born out of the engineering DNA of Siemens, Unify builds on a heritage of product reliability, innovation, open standards, and security to provide integrated communications and networking solutions for 75% of the Global 500. With the introduction of Circuit, a new dynamic communications and collaboration platform, Unify is leading the market and driving our vision of the future.

The ultimate mission is to unify multiple networks, devices, and applications into one engaging, user-friendly experience for our customers:

  • Across virtually any communications channel, whether it’s voice, video, social, or search.
  • Using virtually any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop device.
  • Embedded directly into our customers’ unique business workflows.

By synchronizing technologies, creating an engaging user experience, and weaving communications seamlessly into the way businesses operate, Unify empowers an increasingly mobile workforce to work better together. The result is a transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates - amplifying collective efforts, energizing the business, and driving better performance.

By partnering with ScanSource and Unify together, we can ensure the road will lead to endless opportunities to amplify your team performance, and improve your business performance as a whole.

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