Enterprise Routers for Extended Network Reach

Ensure fast wire-speed throughput and improved routing performance.  Our lineup of network routers enhance cooling with advanced chassis and drive improved business communications at an economical price. Keep enterprise network performance high with RapidRoute router technology and decrease learning curves with recognizable Command Line Interfaces (CLI).   

ScanSource Catalyst offers resellers industry-leading enterprise routers that ensure better ethernet and wireless mesh network connectivity. We don’t stop at offering great products. Thousands of resellers have been educated and trained through our support team in internet access, network security and network management. 

Router Solutions for Any Business Size

Get the best seamless communication channels with ScanSource Catalyst’s network router options for small-business-to-Enterprise applications. Outdoor routers designed with elemental interaction in mind offer Enterprises ruggedized exteriors built to endure harsh environmental factors. Lightweight indoor routers provide for smooth outdoor mesh network extensions. 

Our thoughtfully selected inventory is ideal for environments in need of network extension and peripheral device connections, such as utility sites, municipality buildings and military operations. We offer routers that feature:

  • Single and dual radio configurations
  • VQM (Voice Quality Monitoring) for MOS (Mean Opinion Score) prediction
  • Built-in firewalls
  • Shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs) for data, video and voice control

We are committed to supplying resellers with the best routers manufactured by field-tested brands.  

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  • HPE Fixed Port Routers

    HPE Fixed Port Routers

    Multi-Tech Cellular Modems

    "The MultiModem® Cell cellular modems offer 2G, 3G models with GSM or CDMA technologies. They integrate seamlessly with any application and include RS-232/RS-422 and USB to cover all your application