Conversation Starters for Shortest Path Bridging (SPB)

Series Summary

This 7-part non-technical video series will enable sales personnel to identify SPB opportunities and provide them with door openers to advance sales opportunities.

SPB is the next generation of networking technologies that will eventually replace legacy switched and routed networks everywhere. Until then, SPB provides sales people with the ability to get SPB installed early allowing customers to see the value it brings to Simplifying, Securing and Scaling their existing networking environment.

Once completed you will have a simplified explanation of SPB and the Opportunity it can bring to improving business operations in multiple industry verticals.

SPB Introduction
This video introduces the video series and sets direction for the remaining video.
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SPB Simplified
This video provides analogies to help non-technical business leaders understand the value being brought forward by SPB.
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SPB Opportunity
This video provides an overview of the three types of opportunity where SPB plays best within business operations: Resilience, Security and Scale.
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SPB Simplification
This video introduces the concept of network simplification and the improvements that will come when you use SPB to reduce the complexity caused by legacy routed and switching technology.
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SPB Resilience
This video discusses how to utilize SPB as a standards-based solution to improve the time it takes a network to come back from an outage. It also introduces the concept of “autonomic” networking.
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SPB Security
This video introduces the ability of SPB to support increasing compliance regulations in retail, healthcare and government sectors.
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SPB Scale
This video speaks to the ability for SPB to provide an environment for logarithmic growth of applications and internet-enabled devices.
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